Chairman's Message

My quest as to how to nurse faithfully to the neglected few led me to contribute through CCA. Resigning at time's adversity puts me under guard. Our mission CCA, an identity of the temple of true education, is a young hope with deep faith. Value-based interaction is our prime concern. Firm conviction to cater to promising value-based career is what we believe in. I strongly feel to engage CCA as the frontrunner of social change. Father, mother and teacher, are the first role model of a child. Moreover, in true education role of academics and extra activities gain equal importance. Education, I believe, is not a finality but an eye-opener to explore with analytical mind being a free thinker. Thus, there is every reason to carry on the legacy of our beloved founder Late S.N. Pradhan Sahib. The educational warriors, along with the young learner aptly nerve to the call of time. In fact, CCA, a dwelling place of proper Civic virtues, promises a healthy contribution. (Pradeep Pradhan)

Administrator's Message

The ground to mobilise society necessitates a pattern of education endowed with sheer value. It compels me to predict that CCA is quick to embrace the changing demand of time. Never to give up has been its brainchild since its inception. Constructively, it is racing, being well cognizant of its mission of providing motherly protection to be well-cultured right from the pre-primary wing. A timely fashion with every minute facility over here prompts it to provide a work culture. On the other hand, persistent effort to endow the young leaners with clear vision is its goal. En-route a promising career, CCA, is a platform of values and morals as the hallmark of growth. Its venture is with a missionary zeal. Though, an uphill task yet CCA is faithfully engaged in accomplishing its goal. (Sudha Pradhan)

CEO's Message

In this race of getting more and more marks, students may feel stressed in themselves. Along with, the easy access to the internet has, on the one hand, helped the students to get a 24*7 knowledge gaining platform named 'google', but also, on the other hand, made them susceptible to false and inappropriate knowledge of the internet. This is creating negative effects on their personality. Therefore, to keep the students on the right track, we need to update our parenting style with the changed scenario. Keeping an eye on the child's problems regularly, resolving them timely, and at the same time, being vigilant on them has become the need of the hour. Identifying each child's interest & potential and nurturing him accordingly, improving his academic-performance are some of the school's major objectives. A healthy environment in the school is a must to achieve these goals. CCA is consistently aware and keen on maintaining such an environment in the school by building a good teacher-student, student-student relationship. At last, I believe Good moral character is learned by being a role-model and role-modelling is achieved through actions and not words. (Vishwas Pradhan)