Scholarship Assessment Test


(i) High School Level (9th&10th)

(ii) Intermediate Level (11th&12th)           

(iii) Graduation Level

Examination Centres:

  • Chhibramau
  • Kannauj
  • Tirwa
  • Gursahaiganj
  • JNV Anuagi (Kannauj)




          Top three winners of High                    School Level


          Top three winners of                            Intermediate Level


Top three winners of Graduation Level

Rules & Regulations

(i)Assessment Test will be conducted at three levels for High School, Intermediate & Graduation students respectively.
(ii)Participants will be given two and a half hours to solve the question paper.
(iii)Scholarship Assessment Test will be conducted at different allotted centers.
(iv)Participants are supposed to reach the examination center thirty minutes before the appointed time of the exam.
(v)The participants will have to manage themselves the transportation and writing instruments for the competition.

Ram Yadav

Ram Yadav

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Ajay Rawat

Ajay Rawat

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