Creative Writing Competition


Sub Junior Level( 6th to 8th classes)


City Children’s Academy (Chhibramau, Kannauj)

Rs.2100 First
Rs.1500 Second
Rs.1000 Third

Rules & Regulations

(i)Each school can present maximum two participants for this competition.
(ii)Paper will be provided by the Foundation for wiring the exam.
(iii)Essays/ stories/ poems etc. should be written neatly on one side of the paper, leaving sufficient margin.
(iv)The creative writing should not exceed more than 500 words.
(v)The participants will be given a choice of topics on the spot.
(vi)The initial half an hour will be for preparation only; participants are not allowed to write anything during this planning session.
(vii)The participants will be given an hour and a half to write down the essay/ story/ poem after the planning session.
(viii)The work will be adjudged on the basis of content, language, style and creativity.
(ix)Marks awarded by individual judges will be added up for each participant.

Ram Yadav

Ram Yadav

Contact No. 9455123706

Ajay Rawat

Ajay Rawat

Contact No. 9026816665