About the School

The City Children’s Academy, affiliated to COUNCIL FOR THE INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS (CISCE), New Delhi, was founded in the year 1996 by Late S.N.Pradhan Sahib to impart students with knowledge, discipline, confidence, excellence and a sense of responsibility. Education at CCA focuses on the holistic development of the students. The curriculum constitutes diverse activities resulting in a well-balanced programme encompassing all the three dimensions of education – the academics, the co-curricular activities and the sports. It has two campuses, one from Class I to XII at Khubariyapur Road and the other Pre-Primary to Class V at Talgram Road.For our students, we create an atmosphere of space, freedom, care and security in which they are nurtured to expand their horizons and grow. The intention of the academy is to awaken the intelligence and the spirit of generosity in students so that they are able to meet the increasingly complex world without losing their identity. The cultivation of a global outlook, a love for nature and a concern for humanity are all parts of our educational aims.

Our Concept

We are a mission; not only a school is the punch line of our academy which is being run with this belief that schools & colleges are not only to stuff the tender minds of the coming future of the universe with erudite knowledge but also they are supposed to sculpt the personality and character of students. We take pride to say that City Children’s Academy is not a ‘School’, but a ‘Mission’ is the motto of our Late S.N.Pradhan Sahib (Our Founder) to materialise ideals of great educationists, and that is to say the most modern needs of students in remote areas as per present education system. Besides working very positively to make students brilliant and smart, we are trying to put in our best efforts to instil in them high moral values as well to sustain real humanity, unity, brotherhood, love and peace in every aspect of the country and around the world.
A beginning towards ideal citizenship is the motto of our school. We consider that today, the world needs not only skilful, apt, worthy and innovative professionals but also ideal, tolerant and peace-loving citizens. We, here, in our school, try to provide a hale and hearty atmosphere to the students to be meritorious in academics as well as possessing outstanding values of life like being courteous, ethical, candid, liable, and independent citizens. To cultivate these habits and global implant awareness, besides giving due respect to festivals of all religions, our Academy commemorates programs like Grand Parents Day, Green Day, Religious Day, Shram Samman Diwas and many such occasions. The Management, Principal, teachers and other staff members are genuinely devoted to the pious Mission of the Academy to make our students complete human being and global citizens.

Our Objectives


Clean & Green Planet

Our surroundings and eye-catching natural objects charm us and endow us with what we necessitate to survive a healthy and sound life. The current menacing state of our environment alarms us that besides protecting it to live gleefully and to give away an unadulterated and uncontaminated environment to the coming generations, we should also inculcate in our children some sound habits to keep our planet neat, clean and green.

Learned, Idyllic & Global Citizen

The world today is transforming, and it needs civilized, moderate, comprehensive, peaceful, cooperative, honest, & ethical citizens. Evils such as terrorism, corruption, molestation prevailing all around us even after being highly educated stir our hearts and motivate us to educate our tender and brilliant children in such a way that they not only discourage inequality, intolerance, religious fanaticism, genocide, violation & fraud but also promote universal frith and sodality. The theme of the opening ceremony of annual function, the celebration of all national & religious festivals of all religions, co-curricular activities, morning assembly proclaims highly our noble spirit and firm determination to build our children to be proficient for global competition in every aspect of Science, Literature and Art and most importantly to be an ideal individual.


The following are the tentative course-outline that a student has to cover up:


(Playgroup to KG) Manner and Etiquette learning, Aerobics, Music, Craft and Hobby

development, Social & Environmental Learning, Basics of Hindi, English, Maths, G. K.and Moral



(From I to V) Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Computer, GK and Moral

Science, Physical Training, Music Art and Craft, EVS and SUPW.


(From VI-X) Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Sanskrit, Music, Art and Craft, GK and Moral Science, Physical Education and SUPW.


(From XI-XII) Hindi, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Maths, Physical Education,

Computer Application, Commerce, Humanities and SUPW.


The school has a team of well qualified, trained, experienced, creative and innovative teaching staff, headed by an experienced and dynamic principal. The staff is well oriented with the aim and objective of the school. Special Seminar and Workshop are conducted before the commencement of every academic session to acquaint them with the latest development in pedagogy and aids of teaching. A specialized team of educationists and psychologists from the renowned institutions also convenes teacher training program, from time to time.



The concept of smart class education is indeed a blessing to the students of today. Our smart classes use all interactive models like videos, presentations, virtual practicals to impart useful and beneficial learning.


At City Children’s Academy, we have separate, safe, spacious and well-equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to meet the needs of modern age science education. Where students do an experiment and discover more about the world through practicals. Moreover, our labs encourage the development of analytical and critical thinking skills and encourage interest in Science.


Counselling is available on an individual basis in the academy which provides an opportunity for the parents & students to explore additional information about the school and academic problems in a congenial setting with a crucial professional counsellor and offers the students to resolve their inter-personal problems apart from academics ‘such as mental stress, inferiority complex, loneliness, wistfulness and so on’. In our school, the staff members are highly professional having excellent knowledge in counselling, but we have a committee of highly experienced staff members to guide and stimulate students to get insights about themselves, their career and what they can do to improve it. Periodically, the committee members carry out individual and joint students’ & parents’ meetings which have always been fruitful for the students in bringing stability in thought process, confidence, career-related queries, and most importantly providing expert resources to choose a right and appropriate career to get much better placements in both public and private sectors.


Computers are the most modern way of leading life nowadays and to keep students updated with the latest knowledge. Computer education is given to students in well-equipped Computer Labs with latest configured 50 Computers.


The academy provides prompt and comfortable transportation for those who would like to avail to the facility.


Mathematical facts, concepts and theorems are carried out by the teachers and the students to learn and explore through a variety of activities using different mathematical models and materials.

Games & Sports

CCA provides metrics of inter-house and inter-school games and sports activities. Facilities for games are provided according to the season in order to train the students in various games. Inter-house sports competitions are held throughout the year. The academy awards ‘S. N. Pradhan Trophy’ in the field of Cricket, Badminton and Football. The so-called indoor games like chess, carom, ludo, table tennis are also available to enrich the mind of the students. The school has volleyball, badminton and kho-kho court.